Thursday, January 23, 2020

Loving cards

As I was working in the kitchen the sun was on the Poinsettia...

The most beautiful images, saved for different purposes for next year 
The Bridges!

The Novotnys!

The Orrinos!

Some served as birth announcements...
Sarah D. was friends with our older kids in Lincoln and a loving science tutor to the younger ones.

The VHs! 

Some cards doubled as pregnancy announcements too!

The Crinions usually have the most gorgeous fmaily photograph

We go back such a long way!

Their oldest is in seminary

Cute postcard from Taryn and fam

Gorgeous wedding pic card from O'Donnells!

Gerdes have so many grandchildren now!

Dear Aunt Susan Hurliman!

The Rashillas are back from Germany!

From Hillsdale

My best book club member ever and her family

The Wilsons had a nice card with a lovely hand written note.

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