Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Roman Theater masks at Latin Club

The students had fun with these. I prepared this sheet: 

Pick a stock character below for you mask. Work individually and create a paper-plate mask for your story. Use one paper plate. Cut out eye holes and a mouth. Decorate your mask so that the personality of the character is represented.  Punch a hole on each side to attach a string to wear the mask.
The Parasite – parasitus
Leeches off the main characters by emptying their tables
The Tricky Slave – Servus Callidus
Always finds a solution to the young master’s love problems   and tends to earn his freedom for doing so
Young Lover – adulescens
Falls in love with a girl he cannot have, Master of the tricky slave. Thinks of nothing except the girl he is in love with
Courtesan – Meretrix
Serves little more than as an object of the young lover’s affection, Sometimes she is a slave, sometimes she turns out to be freeborn and marries the young lover.
Virgo – a young maiden
Love interest of the adulescens, doesn’t get much stage time, beautiful and virtuous with little personality.  
Old man – Senex
Often the father of the young lover, authority figure who gives wisdom to the young man and is very traditional.
Braggart Soldier – Miles Gloriosus
Loves himself more than anything else
Very stupid, cowardly, and gullible
Interested in the same girl as the adulescens most of the time
Maid/nurse – Ancilla
Minor character used as a tool and messenger
Matrona – Mother
Loves her children but is temperamental towards her husband




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