Friday, March 13, 2020

Tips for when the kids need to do the schoolwork at home!

Well, all Michigan schools are closed, so I’m on vacation—timely, since we move soon! Hardly a vacation—it’s been so busy with a contractor at the new home and packing over here.

Both principals at the schools I work are adding this text I wrote to their email to the family regarding schoolwork. 

Tips for when the kids need to do the schoolwork at home: 

1. Have them do schoolwork in the morning. We usually sat around a table together. Start with a prayer, the kids can take turns leading. You may want to pick a patron saint for your temporary homeschool! Make sure they know what to expect. Be patient, take a couple days to let the new routine set in.

2. Don't be surprised at how little time it may take to complete the work. Remember that at school there is a lot of waiting in line, etc.  Anything they do to help around the house may count as school work: baking, cleaning, organizing. 

3. With all the extra time, let them be creative: reading, writing, doing art, listening to books or watching educational videos. Let the house get messy. They can all help clean later! 

4. Lots and lots of playtime for the little ones! Remember to limit screen time for all kids. Pull out some forgotten toys from the closet. Do expect them to help with chores such as lunch and dishes. Encourage them to prepare meals in the kitchen on their own (age-appropriate).

Have fun discovering the joys of homeschooling! Read good books aloud! Make sure to laugh at mishaps, and keep it joyful! 

Magistra Ana

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