Thursday, May 20, 2021

A post on my Keto Catholic group

 I thought I'd post it here as well as there are a lot of comments there, and a conversation going.

Good morning! I know intermittent fasting isn’t part of this group but I’d like to tell you all how it has helped our keto days. Just broke a 3-day fast with this little bowl of organic strawberries with cream.

We have been fasting two or three days per week, and the results are fantastic. We feel great, great weight loss, and my husband’s blood sugar is lower and lower.
On fasting days we have coffee with cream, and a clear broth for lunch or dinner, or both. If I don’t make my own broth, my favorite (after trying many brands) is Swanson’s beef broth. Great cold on a hot day too. Half cup goes a long way!
The way it has enhanced our Keto eating is that we are much more intentional about what we eat on “eating (non-fasting) days”. Better quality ingredients, more love and care preparing food.
Until recently I didn’t even know that humans could go on for days without eating. We watched videos and read about it: there are so many benefits including natural healing on cell level that happens in the body when we fast. It’s hard, yes, but not nearly as hard as I thought. We have nice “bubbly water” in the fridge and have lots of those whenever feel like eating. Great distraction. (I can’t watch any cooking tv shows on fasting says though.)
I always thought that the Bible wasn’t quite accurate about Our Lord fasting for 40 days...
The Catholic understanding of sacrifice/ offering up sacrifices helps immensely: when there’s a very difficult moment I think of an important prayer intention, and voila... my hunger pang is transformed into a powerful prayer.
Another interesting thing that has helped me: I read The Hiding Place recently—the horror those women went through in concentration camp... if Corrie Ten Boon could see God’s love and goodness having that thin soup once a day for months on end... somehow she is giving me such strength and inspiration.
Sorry this was long and I hope it is helpful to some of you. I’m glad to answer questions. I have lost quite a bit since January but my weight loss has been much better since fasting.

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