Friday, December 03, 2021

Six months old!

The most beautiful letter to a six month-old child, written by our beautiful daughter Isabel and her good husband to our beloved grandson, Sweet Baby James! 
“A letter for James as he turns six months old:
Dear James David, 
Your name was inspired by two strong and virtuous men. The first name after and author and evangelist who was fearless to speak Truth. The second, a fearless boy in the face of great challenges, who grew up to be a "man after the Lord's own heart."

The thing is, we named you before we knew how incredibly strong you truly are. You have amazed us each and every day of your life with your strength, resiliency, and joy. It's astounding to us that it has already been six months since your birth! You have had to be so strong so many times during your short life:
- 6 hospitalizations 
- 5 times undergoing general anesthesia and surgery
- 2 blood transfusions
- Over 15 attempts at placing IVs and drawing blood from your tiny veins 
- Over 15 heel pricks for labs 
- Over 70 injections 
- Over 30 clinic visits 

We are so proud to be your parents. Your strength in the face of great challenges and suffering keeps us going and your smiles light up our gloomy days. We love you Jamsie! 

Mama and Daddy


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