Saturday, June 11, 2022

Prayers for James


Please pray with our family!

From Isabel on CaringBridge:

“Last Tuesday, we had some troubling news. The fluid retention in James' ventricles has only gone up.  Therefore, before he develops any symptoms of hydrocephalus, his neurosurgeon wants to place a VP shunt. James will have another MRI July 6, and if the ventricles continue at the same size or grow larger with fluid, they will operate in the two weeks following. Disappointment is too mild of a word to describe how we are feeling about the situation, though we've known it to be a possibility since January. 

We are asking everyone for radical prayers on James' behalf. We found a prayer asking for intercessory prayer from Venerable Jerome Lejeune. Dr. Jerome Lejeune had a heart for children with disabilities during his lifetime, especially children born with Downs Syndrome. We are asking him to bring James' health to the throne of our God in a special way through this prayer. We hope to have many praying this prayer each day leading up to James' MRI on July 6. 

If you are not familiar with praying with saints, that's okay! It's just like asking a dear friend to pray for you. Except this friend is believed to be close to the Lord in heaven, and can therefore bring intentions to Him in a special way. 

Thank you for any prayers for Jamesie. “

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