Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blog with a Substance Award!

Lisa at Golden Grasses has kindly bestowed me the Blog with a Substance award. Thank you, Lisa, and I am so impressed with your colorful, resource-ful blog!

To follow rules, I have to sum up my blogging philosophy in 5 words. I think these might do: Family, Education, Love, Art and Catholic.

The second rule is to pass this award to five others.

I'd like to send the Blog with a Substance Award to:

1. Artteajannell which celebrates Jannell's incredible love for life, beauty and God
2. Focus on the Little Things with its wonderful photos by young Laura
3. Insult The Shakespeare Way, authored by the delightful future-Literature-Professor Rachel
4. Notice the Universe always offering some fascinating new writings of Mary Daly's
5. and last but not least Warmly Candise, my good friend Candise's blog, and, like her, a beautiful place!

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