Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Birds and Seeds of Change

Summer Birds, The Butterflies of Maria Merian by Margarita Engle, pictures by Julie Paschkis, 2010 Henry Holt, NY.

If the cover of this sweet book reminds you of another illustrated picture book featured here, you are correct. The delightful book on the architecture of Gaudi entitled Building on Nature: The Life of Antoni Gaudi was illustrated by the same Julie Paschkis. This book is about a girl whom I had never heard about. Read about her and discover a young, hard working and artistic scientific mind! And a world traveler too, in a time when women barely went beyond the village parish church.

Seeds of Change by Jen Cullerton Johnson, illustrated by Sonia Lynn Sadler, 2010 Lee & Low Books, NY.

Another book I'd like to mention today is Seeds of Change, the third picture book I mention hereabout the Nobel Prize winner, Benedictine College graduate, who started a huge tree-planting movement in Kenya, her homeland.

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