Thursday, July 22, 2010

Claudio and Maria Teresa, II

I went back and found pictures I took from Mother's photo albums in Brazil in 20o6. The top one is of my grandfather Humberto Moniz Braga, a direct descendant of the great Portuguese hero Egas Moniz, and an officer of the Portuguese navy. He was in the Navy ship that acompanied the first aeroplane crossing of the South Atlantic, whose pilot Gago Coutinho has a major street in Rio named after him.

In Rio he met my grandmother Alcina, they married and he took her to live in Europe. Alas, she was too homesick for her native Brazil, so he left the Navy and they moved to Brazil. My aunt Maria Teresa (we all call her Tia Isca) was born in Portugal, and my father was born in Brazil right after the move.

The picture shows the dear siblings at 11 and 13 yrs old, I believe, on the occasion of their First Holy Communion.
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