Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Claudio and Maria Teresa

My good father Claudio had a visit from his only sister Maria Teresa yesterday, and my sister Tereza of Avila who is spending some time there sent me this picture of their afternoon sun talk. Inseparable as children and young adults, they are both now widowed after beautiful, fruitful, lifelong Catholic marriages, and find great solace and joy in each other's company during their regular visits.

My aunt was a wonderful presence to us when we were young, living next door with their many children and organizing classes, plays, recitals and other fun things! I feel that she is my model for a lot I do with homeschool! At 86, she is as fun as lively as ever, and she reminded us of the name of the artist of the painting of Saint Anne I posted yesterday: she was a personal friend of hers and her name was Heloisa Fortes de Oliveira. I did a search and found a book with reproductions of biblical painting of hers in a Brazilian online bookstore.

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