Friday, August 20, 2010

A package of love

I am the sender of packages of love... and I have befriended post office clerks as my reason-behind-this-package stories unfold, following the progress of college semester after college semester.

This time I was a receptor. My friend Theresa, following a conversation in our homeschool group's email list on chokecheries and homemade jelly, graced me with a jar of her own homemade stuff, and some of the real cherries along! Theresa lives 170 miles away, but this is S Dakota--a homeschool group can go that far and love still abounds.

There was an added dimension of love in the package. I wrote in our email list: "I can't help sharing this with our homeschool family: I just got this very surprising and delighful package in the mail: chokecherries and homemade chokecherry jelly from Theresa! Theresa, you couldn't have known it, but the package arrived shortly after our dear older daughter left back to Notre Dame for her senior year, and you know well how sorrowful a mother’s heart is when any of her children depart... it was written by Our Lord that your package would arrive so timely to bring me a slice of friendly Love and Joy! THANK YOU! And if anyone comes for a visit, you will be served... toast with Theresa's jelly! (And to think I didn’t know these existed until this wonderful SMF conversation took place-- that's what I love about our email conversations!)