Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Trip IV: the parish church

The parish church has the beautiful name of Nossa Senhora do Amor Divino (Our Lady of the Divine Love), which is the same name of the major seminary where my sister teaches. The "Divino" refers to the Holy Spirit which she is holding with her hands. The altar is wooden and beautiful, it has a tabernacleveil and a communion rail, and her statue was brought from Portugal in the 1600s by Father Corrreas, after whom the whole area is called. See past bog postings about this here and here. The church has a gorgeous crucifix on the side wall where there is always someone praying as well. The last picture is from the first page of the Rio newspaper: the daily social/political cartoon shows the famous statue reflecting the news of the day: here He is, wearing a mourning band for the mudslide many victims. The art is accurate: if you were to visit the immense, breathtaking touristic attraction in Rio, you would see that He has the heart as pictured in the cartoon.

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