Thursday, February 10, 2011

A friend in heaven

Today is the feast day of a dear friend... my patroness Saint Scholastica! I share her with all of the Benedictine sisters of the universal Church, and honor and thank her today for her guidance and prayers! She was the twin sister of Saint Benedictine and they were great friends. Her life of prayer has always been an inspiration to me as well as her feminine strength and her love for her brother.

I found the holy cards while looking through Mother's old cards in Brazil and also photographed a few other ones. I don't know if she was ever in the Saint Bathilde Priory in Vanvers, I suspect she liked and bought these in one of her trips to Paris or in Metz, where they lived for a year before I was born. I have posted about this dear saint before, here and here , and I close with this prayer posted 3 years ago:
Dearest Patroness,
whose favor with God was such as to bring about a mighty
storm, bring about for me, who has loved you since infancy (when the Benedictine
sisters in school would give me holy cards with your image), that I may
persevere in God's love, allowing Him, whose Infinite Wisdom is unfailing, to
guide all of my days. Amen.
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gmh said...

Happy Birthday, my dear wife!

Jannell said...

What beautiful cards! I love the art style!!!

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Of all of my facebook comments today I want to copy this one here:

Gus Braga-Henebry February 10 at 6:56pm Report
May God shine down upon you on this day, my dearest mother. Many happy returns.

Parabens, querida. Saudades!