Saturday, March 05, 2011

Immersed in the History of England...

...and its horrors, and heroes.

Update 9:37 AM: by popular request here is some information:

First illustration of Saint Thomas More, who took no public stand against king Henry VIII, but his refusal to recognize Henry publicly as head of the English Church was enough to condemn him in the king’s eyes.

Second and third are Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I. While Queen Elizabeth executed thousands of Catholics, much more than the 277 Protestants Mary had executed, Elizabeth is remembered as “Good Queen Bess” while Mary has gone down in history with the unflattering name, “Bloody Mary.”

Third is Mary Queen of Scots who came to England to ask her cousin Elizabeth's protection, and was sent to the Tower of London instead, and eventually, as you can see, beheaded.


Jannell said...

Educate us with captions for the pix, please?

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Glad you asked. Watch for an update.

Michele said...

So Glad to have found your blog! We are doing Medieval/ Ren this year - although I could happily spend the entire year on Medieval. I have ordered Fires of Faith by Eamon Duffy for my own reading. I am using All Ye Lands for the girls. I really want to give them a balanced catholic feel for the Tudor period.