Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Composing a Letter to the Editor...

... of National Geographic Magazine concerning this piece on women and the fertility in Brazil. If you have the magazine in hard copy, one of the full page photos is of my cousin Maria. My point is neither popular nor easy to make, so I am welcoming any helpful insights. I do not believe women are better off having fewer children, or that economies are better with lower fertility rates. It is acomplex web of factors that National Geographic is over-simplifying. In any event I am starting the letter with the rather anecdotal evidence not only of my family in Brazil-- upper middle class, high level of education, ten children--but also of the families with whom we share our family life in this country.

Update 7 PM: found three great sources so far: a recent book, an older book, and these videos!

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Candise and Crew said...

You go, girl! This is the era of a new evangelization, where our internet words can help define the culture. At the very least, you can shine a positive light on the matter.