Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working on the new Workbook

... for the Catholic Textbook Project newest volume, Light of the Nations Part 2. I must admit I love the work although it is difficult to manage the time for it at home sometimes.


Kitty said...

Hi there!!
I just tried to post a question on your blog but I don't think it went thru. I'm a techno-moron....can't even post questions let alone do a blog!!
You posted pictures of spelling tests. What grade levels were the two pictures? Do you just use Wordly Wise for your spelling words? I'm still trying to sort out a spelling program.... yikes. My 4th grader is a good speller and my 2nd grader not so much.
How are YOU? I wish I could've seen you this summer but time just got away.... many family obligations.
I so enjoy your blog and your articles for MetM.
You're an inspiration.

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Kitty, they are in 4th grade (CHC) and 7th (finishing Wordly Wise 7). The 7th grader is a strong speller as were our two older boys.
I'd love to visit with you anytime!