Sunday, April 15, 2012

Art Award!

Number Five's Art Teacher sent one of her school projects to a local city-wide art show at a nice art gallery downtown, and she received a Third Place Ribbon in the Drawing category. He talked to me for a little while during the show, praising both the quality of her work and her imaginative ideas. Congratulations, Number Five!


Anonymous said...

Yay Isa I really like the picture

numero tres said...

you blog very early in the morning.

and the eyes in the picture are so perfect. they shine with genuine, pulsating life.

Facebook comments said...

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Susan Henebry Kleven Wow Isabel Braga-Henebry that looks amazing! UNT is an excellent school for the arts ;)
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Laura Rutten-Woods Congrats!
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Melissa Webb Linscomb Congratulations! And what an amazing drawing! Very nice!!!!
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Rob Benton I'm very impressed, and happy for you Isabel. What beautiful work. I know from experience that many hours go into a drawing like this. The best part is that your final work has been made to look effortless and not overworked. Like my old art professor used to say, "Less is More". I'm also a big fan of your mom and dad's parenting style that celebrates each child's talents and delights in their achievements. You truly have a beautiful family.
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Ana Braga-Henebry That is also something I admire in you, Rob!
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Tereza Braga Where is the drawing? Great picture. Go, Isa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Ana Braga-Henebry It is behind her. Click on the link to see better.
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Isabel Braga-Henebry thanks, everyone :)
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Ceal said...

Yay Isa I really like the picture