Friday, July 27, 2012

Acreage life update

I just returned from the garden, arms full of eggplant, tomato and more. It has been sweet to enjoy early garden produce this year due to the heat. The onions have been wonderful and will be all picked and stored on drying racks tomorrow.
The Realtor showings have been proceeding steadily. If the property sells I will have the very satisfying sense of accomplishment regarding the gardening of onions: this year, for the first time, we didn't need to purchase a single on. When my cellar onions were finally done in June, we had big enough onions in the garden to be picked and brought in.
Every time I am driving from or back home from an errand I seem to take a little longer, admiring the landscape and the surrounding beauty. I think aloud, it's in God's hands.

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