Wednesday, July 25, 2012

GAPS, day 2

How are we doing? It seems like a very long time since we started, believe me. We have been advised to do the Intro as long as we are able. Yesterday we had only the soup and tea allowed: mint, chamomile or ginger. Today it was the same until dinner, when we had pancakes we made from eggs, mashed butternut, a little almond flour and natural peanut butter. We fried them in coconut oil and also had scrambled eggs in coconut oil with a ripe avocado cut up. 
The soup was good, and we made it from the stock we boiled in the weekend for two days, plus pieces of chicken, carrot, zucchini, onion, butternut, spinach, even green beans and broccoli at some instances.We both had headaches both days and they may be from caffeine withdrawal. Our coach said it is better to have a little caffeine than ibuprofen so I will have a half cup of coffee tomorrow morning. 
We have a lot of company coming this weekend so tomorrow we may advance into the last stages of the intro so we can eat with them.
Wish us luck!

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