Tuesday, July 24, 2012

GAPS diet

Number Two and I begin the GAPS diet today. We have been preparing for this since her arrival:

  • we have purchased farm raised chickens and made stock
  • she had an hour long consultation with a nurse trained in GAPS
  • we have purchased organic vegetables to go into the first phase soups
  • there is homemade kimchi fermenting on the counter
  • we have stocked up on coconut and almond flour, soaked & dehydrated nuts and other items for subsequent phases
  • last night we did sensitivity tests on he skin for bananas and homemade yogurt

What we are trying to do is to somehow reset her immune system by paying attention to the whole digestive system, and hopefully eliminating many of her food allergies and skin problems. Number Two is planning an early spring wedding and would love to feel and look healthier to begin her married life!

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Anonymous said...

good for you! I am getting prepared to start with my daughter who is 5