Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First day of (home) school

Monday was our first day of school. First Math lessons on the computer, first pages of CHC Speller and English, Worldy Wise and Religion books. First Geography puzzle, and of course first drawings inside book covers!

Our books at home this year:

6th grade: Faith and Life, Teaching Textboks Math 6, CHC English E, CHC Speller F, Everyday Spelling, CHC Behold and See Science 6, Memoria Press Geography, CHC Poetry.

8th grade: Faith and Life, Confirmed in the Faith by Dora Nash, Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1, Latin 2 (at the Catholic High School), French 1 (Rolling Acres School online)Wordly Wise 10, English Grammar for French Students, Great Book Guides by Angelicum Academy, Biology (Prentice Hall), A Roman Map Workbook Geography, CHC Poetry.


free streaming movies said...

I regret not homeschooling my children..

#6 said...

I am enjoying the Great Books Study Guide with my friends! Right now we are reading the Illiad.