Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An empty room

Since Number One was born more than 25 years ago, we have had a "boys' room" in our home. He shared a room with his two younger brothers when he left for college, and two years ago when Number Three left for UD the room has been a one-boy room again, and I must add a calm, neat-enough room.

Now it is empty. Surfaces dusted and cleaned out. Clothes gone. Extra shelves with both guitar equipment and Legos, gone. I did not find myself in this room often, but it is a room I heard often. Boys' voices and laughter, activity, guitar. The noise was too loud at times, but those were filling-the-house-with-life sounds.

The room is sound-less now. I stepped in there and it seemed huge to me. A serene, calm, clean room that all of the sudden filled itself with memories and filled my eyes with tears.

I cannot help but count myself fortunate to have been given the privilege of raising our boys. Three very different young men, and yet each of them filled with goodness. I look back and I am not able to remember anything but their loving actions towards me: hugs, kisses, words of gratitude and praise, remorseful apologies, advice and friendship.

May God bless and guide our three sons, this semester in three different countries, as their life journey is mapped. May this room see their visiting presence often!


LaughingLioness said...

As always, you encourage others with your beautiful thoughts:

Jannell said...

Sniff. Wipes a small tear from the corner of my eye.

Kathie said...

it is NOT a good blog post if your readers are crying along with you.  Maybe moving will not be so bad after all for you and yours.  All those memories will be preserved forever in your heart...
Thanks for sharing your sorrow today, Ana.  Your honesty helps me get through my rough spots too.  I think we are raising/have raised wonderful kids that have great confidence in themselves.
Hang in there, Ana.
As always, a grateful reader and admirer from the north,
Kathie in Canada

Mike and Ginger O'Donnell said...

ANa, well said. GO'D