Monday, October 01, 2012

Acreage Musings

I was mowing this past weekend when I stopped at times to take these. I realized recently I just haven't taken many pictures in the woods these many years here. It's rare for me to be there by foot--I'm usually on the riding mower. It's magical: in one minute when the mower enters our mature trees shelter belt I am in a completely different world. I've encountered much wildlife there, and had a couple of close encounters with deer a few years back.

It is not looking like we will be leaving our acreage before winter after all, and I think we may be all a bit relieved. The weather is still warm but no one in South Dakota puts faith in a warm October. We have been enjoying the goldens and oranges outside and the dry, warm air. If we are here in winter we will enjoy its beauty as well. Amazing how much you enjoy something more acutely when you think it may be the last time you do it.

The more I think of our future living situation, the more I am inclined to think of us in an acreage again. I see myself remodeling an old house, or drawing plans for a cabin-like dwelling. All very romantic ideas, I know. But what's life without dreaming?  Perhaps a smaller acreage, closer to the city, but still providing the same peace Husband so much cherishes. The natural beauty that inspires and lifts the heart to God. The sounds of birds and wildlife that are pure music. The dark, starry nights. The ocean of white and diamonds on a winter morning.

May God help and guide us, and His loving Mother. May we find a place that helps us glorify Him, praise Him, and thank Him. May our future home, wherever it is, and whatever size, see friends, comfort, love. May strangers find open doors there, and Christ's love reflected within. May one day we be blessed with grandchildren, and may they also find faith and love in our home, and Jesus Himself.

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Candise and Crew said...

Such exquisite pictures! They seem so pure and almost magical.
Candise & Crew