Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trip to Brazil 3

One of the most wonderful things about my trip this time was the amount of time I spent with my dear sister Marta, and a lot of it was at the Diocesan Seminary where she teaches. We were there often for daily mass, vespers and classes. I was invited to sit in one of her classes to the minor seminary boys and I was totally impressed by the young men. My sister told me that a minor seminary is a rich tradition of the Church that unfortunately is no longer seen, but her diocese has continuously had one. The boys stood up in turns to present their work, and I was so impressed by their eloquence, their questions, their discussions and most of all by their earnest, interested demeanor. My sister is doing God's work as her class is both profoundly instructive and also lively and fun! I learned so much!  The time spent in the seminary with her, be in at prayer or in conversation with sisters, rector or having coffee with the boys--it was a time of great happiness and hope for me.

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