Thursday, January 17, 2013

And the studying begins again.

Number Six received the Scripps Bee Study Guide and here we go! She has done the Latin and Arabic words so far--only two were highlighted by her as words she didn't know how to spell already.

She may be only now using this study guide, but I must say she is always studying words as she loves them! Be it by reading or writing, doing her daily vocabulary school work, or playing word games, she surrounds herself by words constantly!

 The Regional Bee on February 2nd will be her toughest competition as the numbers are usually much higher than the State Bee in March. Let's wish her good luck!

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numbersix said...

My very favorite word is "soliloquy". It sounds so amazing! And it is spelled strangely, which makes it even more fun! Some other words I love are "tempestuous" and "evanescent". :)