Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Nineteen years ago, God smiled at us and allowed us to welcome Number Four into our lives. A 10lbs+ baby, healthy and smiley, he arrived while we were in Brazil, staying at the family property, during Husband's Fulbright.

Number Four is still healthy and smiley, strong, tall, and the most loving and sweet young man I know!

Our dear friend Fr. Austin has said a mass for him, the best gift! And today I pray asking God to guide all of his life plans: that wherever life takes him, Love will reign in his heart above all things. 
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gmh said...

Parabens, Tho!

Anonymous said...


Emails said...

Parabéns pra você, Thomas!

You are very dear to me. The way you look and has always looked at me since you were a toddler is a look of pure and unspoiled love. And I have checked: this is not only my opinion.
You are precious and special. Best of luck in this first year at college. Can't wait to see you again.

Tia Tetê

João Braga
12:45 PM (18 hours ago)

to bragahood, Pedro
Thomas, happy birthday!!!!!

19 already!! man, time flies!

I hope you're doing great and have a very nice birthday party!!

I hope I can see you soon!


tio João