Tuesday, January 01, 2013

My sister Margot

She was Mary, I was Laura Ingalls. She was pretty and quiet, I annoying and loud. She was kind, and everyone adored her, I the opposite. We shared our room all our lives until her marriage and how I missed her. My sister Margot's birthday is today and we spoke the phone. I want to write about her every year on her birthday because my love for her is so deep. She is one of the most loving people I have ever met. Her life has not been easy--not by a stretch--and yet her faith has not wavered, and neither did her constant ability to bring joy, laughter and love to others!

Lord in heaven, Father, Lord dof Love and of Lord of families,
keep my dear sister, I beg You, in Your most loving hands.
Send her moments of joy and love, and consolation, and rewards for her constant love of others.
And please, if it be Your will, Lord, 

that she and and I will still be able to spend time together in this life.
May we also be together with our dearest Mamae in heaven one day, whose goodness and counsel still guide us.


Felipe Braga said...

Realmente a amabilidade e a capacidade de fazer rir da Margô são INCOMPARÁVEIS !!!!! Bonita lembrança !!
Beijos e parabéns,

Dudu said...

Indeed. In the end, Margô is the easiest person of all of us; she has the ability (the magic!) to make we feel important and humble at the same time. This year I forgot her birthday, but I wish her the same peace and joy as I wish her every single day of my life - and I hardly doubt I didn't think of her every single day. Hats off to Margô.