Thursday, January 24, 2013

Real Estate thoughts

Ideally, this would be my new home. A small cabin in a quiet lot not too far from anything.

 So what if we actually got a small cabin? Well, first of all I think of the children when they come visit. They'd have to bring their own tent I guess, so winter visits would be prohibitive. No Christmases together. The meals around the large family table would have to take place outside. Try having meals outside in South Dakota. ...  ...

As we contemplate putting our acreage back on the market we also begin looking at possibilities for our next home and the heart sinks. Both Husband and I are extremely allergic to what we call the generic, sterile house. Guess what is widely available anywhere? The generic house.

Buying a house is consistently a compromise. You must settle for something that is below your ideal. This seems to be the fate of so much in life. Doesn't it make one yearn for heaven?

Sorry for a rather incomplete post. I will keep my readers posted as progress is made. For now we are just beginning to talk about what it would take to put this back on the market. We are thinking of listing it on our own as we have done in the past.

The reasons behind the move is to eliminate Husband's two-hour daily commute. When we moved here, he had the flexibility of working at home quite a bit. With his new administrative position this is no longer the case. The move will involve many changes in our family life, but through our many moves our family has only grown stronger. This time it will be the same, with the added benefit that we will be able to be often in this area.


Grace said...

Prayers for you. I've been looking at real estate in Taos, NM or Flagstaff, AZ. Paul and I want to be in the south, but don't want to leave the seasons. But you know what comes into my mind after looking at all the listings? much our family has grown to love where we live. With all the idiosyncrasies of this house, it's still where we all congregate and share so many moments together. Will we ever leave? I don't know. Right now, Paul's commute is 1/2 an hour. Not bad, but only time will tell if we move south or our kids move us down there!

Katherine said...

Friends had success selling their home through They listed with two local real estate agents before this and had no bites, but once they listed with the above, their house sold quickly.

A two-hour commute! In SD! Who do you think you are - Californians?
I always joke about my husband's grueling commute - he walks a few yards to his office on our property. He does have to fight off our unruly dog so she doesn't jump all over him and spill his coffee.

Jodi Reel said...

Ahh...sterile, generic houses. Tom and I agree. We have found this to be the same for us when we house hunted for a short time this fall, believing that perhaps we need a bigger house for 6 children. We learned that the houses are all the same, built terribly,built without any pride in craftmanship whatsoever...and we also learned we don't need a bigger house! I like the little log cabin! Eliminating such a commute would, I am sure, improve a lot for your dh!