Sunday, February 10, 2013

51st Birthday!

I had the loveliest of birthdays today. If there can ever be a perfect birthday, this was it. We started the day with mass as a family--it is not often that we are able to go to mass together. Then friends came and we had a delicious meal together: Husband made a meat dish and baked squash, and friends brought potatoes, salads and chocolate cake. I received beautiful flowers and excellent, practical gifts.

To crown it all, my three youngest daughters performed beautiful music on the piano and voice for our small gathering's delight. Number Six played Grieg and Number Five her Chopin, and Number Seven sang a couple of duets with her sisters as well. They closed with a pretty, simple rendition of Amazing Grace they have been learning in voice lessons. I told them that they couldn't go to a jeweler's and find a more precious gift for me than their music--and yet I am sure that what I said falls short of what is in the heart.

Life is wonderful, and God is so good.

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