Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brazil photos 6: various

During the days that followed Marta's arrival, we were busy! The first photo is of the "Mass of the Seventh Day", a Brazilian tradition. Because burials there happen so fast, it is often the case that we just have prayers at the wake, but no time for mass. The mass happens one week from the day of the death. In the first photo we are still at the parish church after the mass, together with our aunt, my oldest sister Catarina, and my brother Pedro's wife and youngest daughter Julia, who is expecting their first grandchild. The subsequent photos show a visit to the cemetery, visiting, outings, restaurants. The chapel photos are of a small chapel we found in the middle of a huge shopping mall!

Mass of Seventh Day

"Best fruit salad in the planet"

Artisan saints at the popular Central Market

Chapel inside Shopping Mall

Pizza at the Mall

Italian Restaurant with my brother Pedro's family

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