Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brazil photos 5: Siblings!

The very next morning after my little sister's arrival, we took siblings pictures. Needless to say they didn't come our perfect, nor we had all siblings present. My sister Tereza d'Avila was stuck in Texas where she had recently arrived from the USA after having spent several weeks in Brazil. She wad been helping with family affairs before our little sister Marta left for Germany to join the community of the Abbey of St. Walburga as a new postulant. Marta had been the care taker of my dear father and our elderly aunt, and before she left Brazil much needed to be accomplished, including an inter-state move for them. Unfortunately Tereza's attempts to travel back to the USA for the funeral met with naught, as she found out her passport had just expired. My oldest sister Catarina de Sena lives near the family home, but these were taken early in the morning before many of the siblings departed for their many hours of travel, so she wasn't there.

So here we are, first the back row of brothers: my musician brother Eduardo, #8; with whom I played much of my childhood; the oldest brother Pedro, a steel engineer like our dear Father, may God rest his soul; # 9 Felipe, the youngest, works with computers in Rio; Joao, #5, an astrophysicist with a doctorate from Harvard-Smithsonian; and our extra brother Pedro II, who arrived at our house at 14 years old when I was away at college. The girls from left to right: my sister Margarida Maria, # 6, who is the most loving and gladness-bringer of all of us, I was privileged to share a room with her at home; little sister #10 Marta, of whom I spoke above; myself, lucky #7; and finally dearest # 4 Maria Madalena, a source of joy 100% of the time. You all should hear the noise and laughter when we were all together that morning.

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