Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Broken-Wing Faerie

The photos tell it all. In a split second things turned from happy to tearful and Number Seven was in the ER. Dr. H. is an old friend from our days at the acreage--he used to go to the satellite clinic in Garretson and we met him years ago. He asked about all the kids and took great care of Number Seven--who used to brag that she had never had gone to the ER or had a broken bone. Well, it turns out both Number Seven and Dr. H. are seventh of seven children! Talk about double-lucky! She may not felt very lucky that evening, but I can count many blessings: once her arm was immobilized, she hasn't been in much pain--as the reader can see in the next-day photos! We need to take her to an Orthopaedic Doctor on Monday to see about growth plates affected by this wrist fracture, but... the fracture was on the right hand and she is a lefty! She can eat, draw, and apply makeup on fairy-friends! :-)   She was able to camouflage the broken arm inside her fairy wing as you can see in the last photo and video!

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