Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shakespeare Camp 2014: The Performance, a Photo-Journal

Inviting the local community

Theseus, Hippolita and servant

The Duke of Athens let them have it


Hermia and Helena

The theatrical troop



Superb acting

Titania and her court of faeries
Camouflaging the broken wing...
A sober Oberon

Titania and Oberon

Obron and Puck

Faeries song


Bottom's ears...

"Oh do I love thee"

Let's straighten this out, shall we?


The Wall!

The silly play!

Theseus is not easily amused

I'm not so sure, dear Hippolita...
A great photo by Mrs. S.

"I die, I die, I die!"
Should have done Romeo and Juliet! We're sooo good!

Final scene
And the cast receives well-deserved applause

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