Friday, June 27, 2014

My sister Marta and her life in the Abtei St. Walburga, Bavaria

My sister Marta, aka Nina, writes to her siblings and close friends weekly from her Abbey life in Eichstatt, Germany, and she sent recently this account of Corpus Christi celebrations in the Abbey's village, and some photos too.

A short email in the great feast of Corpus Christi! We had a procession in the city all morning, starting in our beautiful - Today crowded - Gothic cathedral, with our young bishop and priests from Africa, India, Russia and etc.. The choir was really wonderful (the conductor, also very young, is our good friend here at the Monastery) and is beautiful to see the profound traditions of Bavaria: those women with colorful dresses, men in shorts, leather, all groups represented the city from the firemen to the police, the mayor, doctors, teachers of the Univ., students, children, etc, etc.. Seems like Brazil in the old times! The procession lasts 3 hours and passes through the city all decked out with their altars and flowers and red cloths hung from the windows of the houses. A joy!

The photos below show her with her sisters, her work in the Abbey's Kindergarten, and the Corpus Christi procession.

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