Saturday, June 28, 2014

Number Seven discovers charcoal

I came downstairs and on the art table by the East and South windows this adorable puppy was looking at me with his eyes full of life... She says she "doesn't quite like it" and was made just to give as a gift to the little sister of a church friend. Number Seven is oh so thankful her broken arm is not her dominant (left) arm as a month without being able to draw would be quite a long month! I grabbed the camera and took the opportunity to photograph her two latest feline creations... she has been experiment with both black and white charcoal and I love it! The last photo was taken by herself, as she is convinced this is the angle from which the artwork looks best.

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bill bannon said...

Very talented and I was an artist, certified nj art teacher, art history BA. She gets the cuteness factor in each time.