Saturday, July 26, 2014

A prayer to Saint Anne on her Feast Day

Good Saint Anne,

On this beautiful day of your feast in heaven,
When angels and saints rejoice with you,
The grandmother of our Savior Our Lord Jesus Christ,
I beg you: continue guiding my life as a mother,
That I am able to raise well the girls still under my care at home,
That the older children, as they visit, or ask for advice,
Are counseled wisely and lovingly.

I ask you, good Saint Anne,
To ask your Grandson to bless our home and our family,
That we will always tread in Goodness and Charity,
Always mindful of your guidance.

Thank you, dearest Saint Anne,
To have been my lifelong friend,
Since my loving mother taught me about you.

Help me persevere in this life,
In prayer and closeness to the heart of Jesus,
So one day I may be allowed to meet you.


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