Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Farewell Germany

After touring the town and the Abbey, we chose restaurant Trompete and had a most lovely dinner. The next morning our train would be so early that we wouldn't be able to see Nina or have the Abbey breakfast. This was unforeseen and probably the most disastrous mistake I made in planning the trip, but the train schedules were rather limited. And it makes us want to return soon!

On the way to the restaurant, Number Six may be changing college plans...

Aaaah... to be treated as adult, says the 20 year old son.

The local stuff!

Love the soup!

Chanterelles soup-- the best mushroom soup I have ever had!

A happy husband confronted with hearty regional fare.

Life is good!

A Bavarian village to remain in the heart and mind...

Early morning farewell to the abbey. The train station is a five minute walk!

And here we are!

The modern regional train arrives...

... and it's a dreamy ride.

The kids seats have a table between them so they enjoy a morning snack.

Every view was a postcard! In every cluster of houses, a church steeple peeled its morning Angelus bells.

In Nuremberg, the cafe at the train station was a McDonalds Cafe.  McDonalds in Europe is such a nice place. Porcelain cups, great coffee and tea, fine pastries, impeccable service.


And... interesting designs.

I had to take a photo of the menu.

We boarded the German ICE in Nuremberg and then the French TGV  in Stuttgart. About to leave Germany behind...

Happy travelers! They can now answer any questions you may have regarding European trains! 

We had great table-seats in the TGV alongside a German family. We chatted, ate our lunches, and even played cards!

Choooooo choooooooooooooooooooooo...

The landscape in France was equally charming. I wanted my watercolors! 

"Mom! Look at the speed display"!

This screen showed maps and other information as well as the train's speed. Faster than a Formula 1 car!


We all wished the ride took longer!

Arriving in Paris at the Gare Est Station. On to next blog post!

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