Thursday, August 07, 2014

Paris: Notre Dame!

We started by figuring our the intricacies of Paris' streets... and our hotel happened to be walking distance from the train station. We departed after breakfast to Notre Dame just a few metro stations away, and it was early enough to tour Notre Dame without the flood of tourists that was arriving as we left. Notre Dame was breathtaking in every sense of the word. 

Map-reader extraordinaire.

Every window in Paris seems to be charming,

We had two Juliette-balconies in our family room with four beds.

A simple but delicious breakfast.

Bye bye hotel!

It felt unbelievable to be there.

One more!

"I found Charlemagne"!

A magnificent statue!

Each time you look up...

The weight of History, and Faith, is on you.

And the saints look at you from above.

That's a door handle!

Notre Dame is an active Catholic parish, with masses and concerts reflecting the historical richness of the Church!

850 years...

The majestic organ!

The beauty takes the breath away,

Husband was absolutely marveled.

Back altar.

Come, you are called!

Number Seven was the first to light a votive. We prayed for many intentions!

I was taken buy these bas-reliefs. At times I wished I had taken my nice Canon.

Art project for a Christmas card?

With this one a series of construction stage posters begin. 

"Notre Dame Today"

Each side chapel was a magnificent work of art on its own. 

Medieval art!

A model of the construction times.

Look at this model!

Number Four was amazed by the detail.

An altar such as this lifts the soul to God.

There were "silence" posters everywhere, and they were respected.

Washing of feet.

Passion bas-relief.

Number Four found his patron saint!!

Number Six found her Confirmation saint! 

The Rosetta in glass...

What colors!!

St Joan of Arc, patroness of France!

Stain glass windows like nowhere else!

Detail, David chanting the Psalms...

Blurry--but lovely--photo.

Photo op of the side view.

Facebook entry! 


Tereza Braga said...

Ah que saudade da Mamãe com todas essas pics da Notre Dame. They brought me so many memories of Mamãe talking about Paris when she was back from Europe..............! Our master teacher we miss so much.

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Sim, como eu gostaria de ter contatdo tudinho pra ela!! Uma long aocnversa sobre a viagem com titia ajudou muito, incrivel como ela lembra de tudo da Europa tao nitidamente!