Thursday, August 07, 2014

Around Paris and Eiffel Tower

A refreshment break after Notre Dame at the Cafe across the River Seine. Consulting GoogleMaps... his take on the Coke bottle was, "the USA got man to the moon but can't glue labels on Coke bottles".
So "raisin juice" is actually Grape Juice. And it's much better than American grape juice.

A nursery with herbs, right on the street.

French artifacts.

Our guides and protectors!

The beauty of the Seine bridges.

We found this one made of beach chairs! 

The entrance to the  Louvre!

Champs de Mars, seeing the Obelisk and the Arch of Triumph all lined up.

First to spot the Eiffel Tower!


Selfie for Facebook! It was very popular for some reason! 

It is gorgeous!

Actually all of Paris is gorgeous!

Husband decided to treat us to a sit-down, real French meal!

Aaah... real, delicious food! The last day during the train trip we had grocery store snacks for all meals! 

To be in a French restaurant... in Paris!!!


Creme Caramel for dessert!

Where's the Metro Station?

Are we lost?

European cars, tsk tsk...

No. we are not lost!

Let's take an electric car!

These electric cars are plugged in all over the city.

Glad the metro was under construction. The "castor" bus was much more pleasant! Number Seven made friends with an American family whose daughter  was trying out for the Olympics for Rugby!

A bus is great for photo-taking! 

A beautiful if rainy side view of Notre Dame from the bus.

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