Friday, August 08, 2014

Paris to Casablanca!

We finished our whirlwind tour of Paris and headed to the airport to catch our late evening flight to Africa!
At Orly Airport in Paris the girls ordered their dinner from a very high-tech MacDonalds!  

I wonder how long it will be until it will look like this here in the US.

And in the Happy Meal, ... fresh pineapple! 

Not far from our "French" dinner in the airport, there was a chapel. Not a multi-faith chapel like some of the airport chapels in the US, but a real Catholic chapel, with the Eucharist reserved in the tabernacle and a little Marian shrine. Oh, solace for the itinerant soul and for the heart, filled with so many prayer requests--to sit quietly in an oasis of silence and prayer, feeling Home when so far away,  so displaced. We placed, again, the trip in God's loving hands, asking for each person we would encounter, for each dear child or sibling.

Mater Amata, Ora pro nobis.

And the European-adult child orders pre-flight beers! 

Last Parisian selfie!

Africa here we go! Another continent! 

After a very late arrival, a comforting breakfast of Cafe-Au-Lait outside at our hosts' Varandah.

Siblings reunite!

So happy to be together!

AH ah ah!

And we added another sister in the mix! :-)

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