Thursday, August 14, 2014

Brussels, Amsterdam, and... home!

We saw plenty of Brussels, but only from the train. It turns out the train was direct, stopping briefly in Brussels and Antwerp. It was a very easy and comfortable trip.


Brazilian snack upon arrival in Amsterdam, at a place very close to Number One's

Number Four and I walked to Anne Frank's house. 

I read the book when I was 13, and I identified so much with her. She liked to write, and journaled every day. She had a pretty older sister named Margo, and so did I! 

It was awesome being right there... where it all happened.

There were many of these around... I called them "half-cars"!

The canals are just beautiful.

Thomas found an interesting store...

Number One's place!

From across his canal.

Our Italian fabulous dinner 2 blocks away!

... and ice cream. I took this picture about 5 minutes after almost been run over by a huge bike!

Airport breakfast next morning!

Met a famous friend at the Van Gogh Museum store at the airport where I did some last minute shopping!

Bye bye tulips, bye bye Amsterdam, bye bye Europe!

Chicago O'Hare was showing old local stainglass windows on the hallways towards immigration & customs.

Nice to be greeted by sacred art!

The Annunciation

Number One said we must have a Tortas Fronteras Margarita! We befriended a couple of flight attendants and had a very interesting chat!

Home, Sweet Home.

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