Friday, August 15, 2014

Our trip: Back to Paris!

I am almost done posting about our trip. In a couple of days I will change the date of this post to its real date--in this case August 14--as I have done with all of the other posts.

At the Casablanca Airport, we said goodbye to the water bottles from our beau-fils company, and hello to easily accessible cold beers! :-)   Husband was quite happy and eloquent about the latter item. 

In Paris it was very early morning. The taxi was easily available and the streets still fairly clam!

So i took some more Parisian pictures form the front seat! 



and monuments! 

And at the train station Gare du Nord we were deposited! 

A view of the gorgeous train station building from the Cafe across the street where we had our first taste of European food after a week in Africa! 

The girls were pretty sure they would never ever taste a better hot "chocolat"!!

And my Cafe Au Lait... oh my oh my! 

Breakfast of fresh croissants and mini baguettes and... omelette et du salad! 

And here's our seasoned yet young world-traveler, very calm and satisfied, waiting at the Thalys High-Speed waiting area for our train from Paris to Amsterdam, passing through Brussels and Antwerp.

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