Thursday, September 04, 2014

Homeschool life

First full week of homeschool is going well, what with last-minute curriculum tweaks and getting used to the schedule. Number Seven had a conflict with her part-time classes at the school so we are doing her Grammar at home and she will enroll in a Homeschool Connections writing course online. Her Religion, Science and Math are also done at home. In school she has History, which she is loving (taught by a teacher we know personally from the parish), Art and Choir.

Number Six started her Kolbe geometry and it is going very well. She is enrolled in French with Rolling Acres and Advanced Writing with Homeschool Connections,  and takes AP Latin at the Catholic school--the rest she is doing at home: History, Lit, Theology (Scripture) and Conceptual Physics.

We have a white board for daily quotes. Expect more of these here! :-)

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