Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Praying for Number Three today

Yesterday at Mass, last night at family prayer, and very early this morning, we prayed for Number Three. His very first day of teaching school is happening as I type this--and the was quite anxious about it. 

As you can see in this Facebook post: 

I pray that the day is going well, that he is finding that his natural calling to work with children is coming in very handy indeed, and that it is all somewhat simpler and easier than he imagined! 

I pray that his students are cheerful and helpful, and that the wonderful atmosphere he has found in the school so far will continue offering him the support he needs to excel in the classroom.

May his patron saints Saint Augustine, Saint Benedict and Saint Michael come to his aid.



Jean said...

Dear Anna,

I am writing to recommend a book for your son who is beginning to teach.
First Days of School:How to be an Effective Teacher by Wong
My daughter is also teaching this semester at a Catholic classic school.
The headmistress assigned the book.

I have read your blog for many years and am amazed at the things we have in common.
We are Catholic homeschoolers.
My husband is a professor.
He travels a lot!
He is now doing research in a mine guess where, South Dakota! (he is a physicist)
He is an immigrant from the Netherlands.
My middle daughter is a classics major and plans to be a teacher.
She wants to live in the Netherlands next year.
Guess where we vacationed this year, Paris and Amsterdam!
We took many of the same photos posted on your blog!
Anyway, my middle daughter would love to talk to your son, maybe by facebook?
about living in the Netherlands.

(Not sure how to contact you. Could we correspond by email?)

Really nice blog, maybe we will meet someday, Jean

Ana Braga-Henebry said...

Dear Jean, wow, that is a LOT in common indeed! I bet your husband is in West SD and not around here? I'd love it if you emailed me and we could "talk"!