Sunday, October 19, 2014

Trip to Santa Fe, Part III

On the last day of the conference, I went with Husband in the morning to attend the panel on Theology and the Liberal Arts, and I took the afternoon off to go on a walking tour of central Santa Fe by myself.

The morning panel was the best one I attended, most especially the paper by TAC Vice President O'Reillly and the Q & A  and conversations afterwards.

Back at the hotel for me...

The hotel is on a historic Santa Fe site, and they had maps and photos around the lobby.

My first stop was at the oldest Guadalupe Sanctuary in the USA, founded 1777.  

It was close to the hotel, and oh so beautiful! 

You can see how old it is by the windows...

The altar reredos (the ornamental screen covering the wall at the back of an altar) was breathtaking!

The wonderful story of Guadalupe was told in images, and the sacred heart on the tabernacle reminds me
of one my parents had framed  on the wall in m childhood home.

Another depiction!

Looking backwards toward the choir loft

My next stop was the famous Loretto chapel, which houses the Miraculous Staircase!

It is modeled after the Saint-Chapelle in France! 

The main altar was truly gorgeous! 

And here is the staircase, supposedly built by Saint Joseph himself! It is such a wonderful story! 


The Gregorian Chant in the background, the high alter and communion rail... votive candles and a sense of reverence--the chapel is very-well maintained and a wonderful place to visit. I wrote a positive review on TripAdvisor.

I had never visited this site, the Cross of the Martyrs, where 21 Franciscan Friars were fallen in a revolt in the 1660s. I did not have the energy to walk all the way up, but I sat at a little park to take the photo and rest my feet.

This amusing sculpture was in the little park where I rested.

After mass at the Cathedral and walking back to the hotel, Husband and I walked to Tomasita's, a popular restaurant rated as one of the best in Santa Fe where we have eaten every time we visited Santa Fe! It is still delicious and authentic!

Sopapillas to die for!

Their "silver coin" margaritas are Number One in Santa Fe! 

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Tereza Braga said...

Adorei. As fotos mostram tão bem a luz natural de Santa Fe, tão especial e querida pelos artistas. Me lembro bem da escultura no parque!!