Saturday, October 18, 2014

Trip to Santa Fe, Part II

The second day of the conference was when Husband spoke, on the role the Liberal Arts can play in the interdisciplinary world of contemporary scientific collaborative research.

The panel consisted of Husband, two Stanford professors who shared a talk on the Stanford Great Books program, and a professor from Wyoming Catholic College. 
He was introduced by a St John's College professor who is also the science lab director.

And he is off!

The other talks were excellent as well. It was a great panel, with many questions and answers!

The campus was beautifully dressed up for the occasion.

We took a stroll before dinner to see his old dorms...

The banquet that evening has French wine, and we sat at the same table and view he used to enjoy when he lived on campus! 

...And to close, the inescapable Facebook post. There were comments, and many asked for a video or script. Email me if you want one !

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