Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another Lovely Post by Number Six

I wanted to post about her Homeschool Dinner/Dance, but she did it and I will just copy her post! I noticed on the blog sidebar that this is her "about me" text:

Maria B-HI am a Catholic homeschooler, a musician, and an aspiring novelist. I am a member of the best family on earth, and have the most wonderful people for friends, all my very own!

(Wow, to be part of the best family on earth!)

Now to her post:

Earl Grey Soliloquy

Monday, April 20, 2015


Saturday, in addition to being the ACT, was the annual homeschool dinner-dance. (Yeah...I'm sleep-deprived.) It was tons of fun, even more than last year!
A bunch of the girls went to Nicole's house to get ready. Tessie and Hope plus Hope's sister Annie and Katie were all there just to help us. We spent about three hours getting six people ready...but hey, getting ready is one of the best parts! I brought a batch of chocolate-chip cookies for sustenance.

Ten minutes before we left, Mrs. Gerdes got some photos of us. We would have gone outside, but it was raining and most of us had way too much hairspray in our hair to risk it.

We actually ended up getting there a bit early, which was cool because we were the first people they let in. The theme this year was the Academy Awards, so they had a red-carpet-looking entrance, and all the adults were pretending to be paparazzi with their phones, cameras, etc. The whole room was decorated very impressively.
We had a lot of fun, laughing, talking, playing games, and dancing. I am sore now!
I will post some photos Mrs. Scott took (she was there) once I have access to them.
I can't wait till next year--Tessie will be able to come!

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