Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A special letter

She is the only sister my father, may God rest his soul, had, and she was a most wonderful aunt during our childhood. With her own six kids, and living next door to us, she was creative, innovative and inviting all at once! So many were the activities we did together under her direction and my mother's practical support. Plays, recitals, games, classes, even books we wrote together. Tia Isca, as we all call our beloved Aunt Teresa, has a spot forever in every Braga heart. 

The other day a letter arrived, written by her hand, a most welcome letter! My sister and I were able to ship a nice gift for her 90th birthday last year, and this was a letter she wrote to thank me for it: a strong, page-size magnifying glass! Our cousin had mentioned he could not find one in Brazil and I was delighted to find the very thing she most needed. Her handwriting is so much clearer now, and she tells me she is able to read again! Blessed be God.

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Tete said...

Aninha, adorei !!!
Quantas memorias so de ver rapidamente a caligrafia dela -- me lembrei imediatamente!