Wednesday, May 20, 2015

And another note!

I was at the grocery store when nutritionist Kayla, who had invited me to teach the cooking class, saw me and handed me a letter that one of my "students" had left for me. I joked with her saying maybe that person was in Brazil before and thought I had done it all wrong... No, she said, she had certainly enjoyed the class.

I got home and opened the beautiful SD Art Museum note card and it was the warmest note of thanks!  Number Six read it aloud to me--which she repeated at the dinner table,--and now they are all teasing me, calling me "the great woman".

I think, seriously, that this is sign of the times, as my dad used to say. How come this lovely woman is moved to tears because I mentioned sitting together to eat? At what point have we arrived?

It was a sincere note and it made my day.  It reinforces to me that I did the right thing, and that moreover, I should accept the invitation to return in July. And that my side anecdotes and stories about cooking  and family life are one way I can build God's kingdom.

Husband said I should copy the wonderful text (shameful self-promotion, I know) so family and friends can read, and we can refer to it later on:

Thank you so much for the wonderful meal, for educational cooking class, for your stories, as well as your cooking and sharing your love for food. I've taken a lot of cooking classes, yours was the best. You truly were remarkable and comfortable in that cooking class . I didn't want the class to end. You caught my attention right away by saying that it is important to eat food as a family at the table. I am from North Dakota and grew up in a family whose believe is that the most important piece of furniture is the kitchen table. The kitchen table where good stories and heart aches but always told over food. Your cooking class made me almost cry and want to give you a big hug. I laughed when I saw the menu because I usually don't like chicken and I don't like coconut. But your cooking passion and love for food pulled me in. I did eat everything in my plate. It was so yummy. It was a great class but it is because you are a great woman. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me. I'm actually going to make my mom your dish for Mother's Day. In gratitude, N.

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