Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Meet Zerina

Zerina is one of Number Seven's created characters. She first appeared last year in February (Number Seven remembers the day she first drew her), and has been a constant presence in Number Seven's art work. She isn't quite sure yet of what will happen to Zerina, but creating a series of adventures with Zerina as the protagonist is something that Number Seven lists as a possibility.

Zerina fist appeared on this blog in April 2014. Number Seven has been working on this project for the past several days. She is delighted to be close again to experiencing the same feeling as each day that passes takes us closer to our moving day.

Well, here is Zerina, who is 14, sitting on a pillow, in a tree, with Smaug her kitten.  She is a girls full of life and ready for life's adventures! She is relaxing on a summer day and cuddling her kitten. 

Update: Facebook post...


Grandma Carolyn said...

Tessie, I love the new pic and look forward to the adventures of Zerina!

M. E. S. said...

Zerina is adorable!!! Such a talented daughter!